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    Pivalic Acid
    Pivaloyl Chloride
    N,N-Dimethyl acetamide(DMAC)
    Tetramethyl Guanidine(TMG)
    Pivalic Acid
    [Other names]: Trimethylacetic acid, neopentanoic acid, tert-valerate acid or
                                 2,2-dimethylpropane .
    [Molecular Formula]: C5H10O2

    [Structural Formula]:

    [CAS NO]: 75-98-9
    [Physicochemical Properties]:
              White acicular crystals or colorless to yellowish liquid,
              melting point at 33 - 35≧,
              boiling point at 163 - 164≧,
              flash point − 65≧,
              density of 0.905(at 50≧),
              resolvable to alcohol and ethylether,
              and into water at 1g/40ml.
    [Quality indicators]:
    Colorless acicular crystals in solid state,
               colorless or yellowish liquid in liquid state.
              Purity: −99.0,
              Moisture: +0.2%
    [Packaging]:   Polyethylene(PE) reinforced drum with net weight of 180kg/drum or as
                           per customer's request.
                1. For production of pharmaceutical intermediates-- pivaloyl chloride,
                2. For production of prednisone, ointment for psoriasis and
                3. Producing intermediates of pesticide--Pinacolone,
                4. Serving as additive in production of toilet soaps, hair shampoos 
                          and hair spray in perfume industry,
                5.Serving as initiating agent in coating material and plastic
    [Production Capacity]:
             20,000 tons/year, two sets of production plants are available
                          to process isobutene and isobutyl alcohol in HHCC.

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