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    Pivalic Acid
    Pivaloyl Chloride
    N,N-Dimethyl acetamide(DMAC)
    Tetramethyl Guanidine(TMG)
    Pivaloyl Chloride
    [Other names]: Pivalyl chloride, trimethylacetyl chloride or 2,2-dimethyl propionyl chloride
    [Molecular Formula]: C5H9OCl

    [Structural Formula]:

    [CAS N0]: 3282-30-2
    [Physicochemical Properties]:
         colorless or yellowish transparent liquid,
         with flash point at 19 ≧, 
         boiling point at 105 - 106≧,
         melting point at -56≧,
         relative density of 0. 979- 0. 982(at 20≧), 
         heat release in contact with water, alkali, alcohol or oxidant.
    [Quality Indicators]:
         Colorless or straw yellow liquid.
         Concentration of Pivaloyl Chloride: −99.5
         Concentration of Pivalic Acid: +0.25%;
         Concentration of Pivalic Acid Anhydride: +0.25%;
    [Packaging]: Polyethylene(PE) reinforced drum with net weight of 200kg/drum.
         1. Production of ampicillin, amoxicillin, cephazoline, cefradine,
                        ceftezole,cefaclor,cefteram pivoxil and cefetamete pivoxil in pharmaceutical industry,
         2. Producing Clomazone in agriculture chemical industry.

              3.In the plastic industry for the production of the initiator.
    [Production capacity]:  12,000 tons/year.

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